Melissa Davis
In Memory of
1959 - 2019
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Calhoun-Mania Funeral Home, Rutherford, NJ
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Obituary for Melissa Davis

My Sister Melissa Davis was born May 14, 1959 to Claudel Davis who raised her in New York City in the South Bronx along with her Step Father Arthur Brown. Melissa arrived at A.R.C at the age of 17 years old, where she became a resident. Melissa was able to land her very first “Real Job”, as a Switchboard Operator, House Manager, Now we all know that Ms. Davis was not only a dedicated Employee who knew and understood the Procedure to the letter, she upheld the A.R.C. procedure as if it was the LAW OF THE LAND. Being LAW Enforcement has always been a dangerous job, especially for such a little lady, but that didn’t stop Melissa from being the enforcer, even when it caused a woman three times her size to chase her all over 1881 for keeping a dirty room, it didn’t stop that incident sheet from hitting the drop box. Knowing Melissa she probably was
writing that women up while she was running. Stories like that is what displayed the level of dedication, love, and respect she had for her A.R.C. Family, it’s also what led her to become the Director of not one, not two, but three Departments at the same time. Food Service, Purchasing & Inventory. Melissa almost never missed a day of work no
matter what. I’m going to simply say A.R.C was her very first home. Now let me take you back to the point that changed the entire direction of Melissa’s Life. October 2, 1983 I had given birth to a wonderful Baby Girl, her name is Sussky Brown, we all know her as the Little Spoiled Loud Mouth but will sneak you food to the Bench and get you off the Bench little Princess. I gave birth to her but she was Melissa’s little twin aka her little sidekick, where you would see her you would see Sky. The little girl that took vaseline and greased her entire body from head to toe, including a $200.00 pair of dress shoes, that left Melissa healliss on her way to a choir engagement in the rain soon after Sky’s grease party. The next major turning point, September 18, 1984, I had given birth to a beautiful baby boy, his name is Lafon Brown, Melissa loved this little boy, but she was no competition for Grandma Claudel, Lafon was her Baby over all. Nonetheless, Melissa determined to keep her Niece and Nephew together participated in caring for Lafon soon after Lafon had become a new addition in her home. This was the addition to the family that sprayed the cat with roach spray, and when Melissa asked him why, he said he was
just trying to get his dog a little faster. The third major turning point in Melissa’s life popped along Auguest 23, 1985, Michael Brown, they held an oil and water type of relationship, but she extended her love and participated in raising Michael Brown, until he moved Down South. When Michael returned Melissa was so excited that
women could drive like a NasCar Driver she made it to Fayetteville NC in an estimated 10 ½ hours. No Speeding Tickets, No Car Accidents, No RoadKill. She would not rest until her Nephew returned home. And she didn’t. Once her youngest nephew returned back home, it was like adding another nutty buddy to the goody bag, this was the one who went to sleep with eyebrows and woke up with NONE!!!!!, Melissa racked her brain all day, even at work trying to figure out what was soo different about her nephew one morning, when she went to pick him up from school and realised that it wasn’t just her who noticed this but other children passing by noticed it to, She was shocked to find out that her Nephew had no facial expressions because he had shaved both eyebrows off CLEAN!!. After these three I also gave birth to two daughters one named Quyash
Sussky Rhodes who was born 1/14/1998 and the other Leah Brown November 23, 1992, whom she also loved and cared about so very much. Stories like these were the humble beginnings and foundation of Melissa’s life. Melissa Davis earned her G.E.D in the 1980’s she then moved on the attend Manhattan College in the early 80’s where she studied, Economics and Black History. After College Melissa settled into her career at the Addicts Rehabilitation Center where she made a commitment to give her life to the very place and people that gave her life joy, happiness and fullness. At the same time Melissa Davis made huge personal strides in her life. Melissa was the first person in her immediate family to earn her G.E.D., attend College, Purchase a Car, Purchase a Home and, create a life for our entire family. Yes my Sister was a woman small in stature, and her bark was loud, and her bite was no joke either. Melissa single handedly carried Myself, My Children, My Grand-Children,Friends, she even loved the kids that was not related. If you knew Melissa Davis than you knew this much, If you were in trouble dial 935-6556, and if you were homeless you had a place to rest your head and get back on your feet. My Sister is the definition of ROYALTY, My Sister embodied what a Queen should be, My Sister was a jack of all trades. She was a Sister to some of us, She was a shoulder to cry on, but you better believe she was going to kick you right back into shape when you were done feeling sorry for yourself, she was the truth no one ever wanted to hear, She was the best
Sister/Auntie/Mommy/Granny/BabyMaMa/Baby Daddy/BestFriend/Boss that I could have ever asked the creator for, She was the Auntie/Granny that made being a regular Granny a thing of the past, She was the loyal Giants Fan that would get you jumped at the traffic light for having 2,000 Giants Stickers on a Giants Blue Car. Melissa also took on and left behind many Loved Ones and Family Members: Uncle James Allen, Myself Stephanie Brown, Older Sister Jo-Anne Davis, Her Niece/Daughter Sussky Brown, Nieces Quyasha Sussky Rhodes, Leah Brown, Fatima Jones, Great Nephew’s Mahjeer Brown and Ashmire Gaddy, A’Diva Gaddy, Rain Brown. God Children: Melissa & Michelle Derrick, Shamel & Shawanna, Corey & Eddie Murphy, Tarell Grant, Raven Moses, Deon & Daron Coxam, Brad & Brent Portis, Erica Shappelle, I apologize if I’ve missed any of you, My Sister had an endless list of God-Children. Melissa also adopted more children in her HomeTown outside of being known for being “The Lil Lady with the Giants Mobile”. Let me see……. So we have, Danielle Lawson, Jasmine Jenkins, Tiffany Jones, Ja’kish Henry, Erick Payne, P. Diddy, MayDay, Big Brother Don, Jason Thompson, Mahjeer Brown’s Father and Bryant Gaddy, Ashmire Gaddies Father, Jamie Torriero, Jihan Peiges, DeQwanda & Taureen Walker, Matthew Alverez, Tia & Melvin Young, JayJay Corea and SOO!! many more Of course she had and loved her A.R.C. Family and Besties, Cynthia Grant, Maureen Hamolet, Patricia Bannister, Lawrence Turner, John Kovac, Rober Frazier Jr., Brother Harvey, Glory Bronson, Melvin Blackmen, Charles Elliot, Blondell Johnson, Paul Hendeson, Rev. Gary & Mia Carswell, Rebecca Rosario, Robin Payne, Lisa Singleton, Flava, Ellse Rolle, Maurice Commings, Mellody Melissa’s favorite and most loved secretary. These two would fight like cats and dogs, but it didn’t matter Melissa and Melody spent many years running Food Service, Inventory & Purchasing, She loved her Cook’s they all lived for Christmas, Melissa would be so excited to be able to go out and hand pick a gift for each one of her Cooks and Inventory & Purchasing Staff. And she loved to drop a Giants Gift to San Fran Fan or a Cowboys Fan. Again please forgive me if I
missed anyone trust me If I missed you I didn’t mean too Moving on from A.R.C may be one of the 2nd hardest things Melissa had to carry. But as always she made the best of a hard and painful situation. Melissa enjoyed the remainder of her life cheering on her beloved Giants Football Team in Rutherford, New Jersey, it could be below zero outside, if
the Giants were playing you better believe that Giants Mobile was pulling out of the driveway going to the Stadium. Wherever Melissa went people loved, respected and adored her. She loved the Rutherford Police Department, The Fire Department, Popeys Chicken, Damarios Pizza, Farazolliez, Jim Dandies, Her Favorite Pharmacy Lady Jo-Anne, just to attempt to list all of the Friends Melissa made over the course of her life is breathtaking. Mahjeer her Great Nephew/Grandson was her World, she adored and loved her Mahdi more than anything in the world. Everything he has become in this 14 years has come from her guiding and molding him to be the Male version of herself. They both love the Giants, They both love to dress to impress and they both love to put on those long up to the knee tube socks. If she ever made any mistakes raising my first three Children, I
promise you she made it up when she got her hands on Mahjeer. Mahjeer is a wonderful piano player, he has grown to become extremely popular among his peers and even the adults in Rutherford. She was and is so very proud of him, she bragged about him to everyone. Ashmire aka Worm aka Ashy Pooh who is also her Great Nephew/Grandson was the battery in her back. If no one else could get Auntie Granny moving he could. Every morning he would wake up and run down the stairs just to jump on Auntie Granny. She had so many plans for him and dreams for his future, and the Brown/Davis Family will make sure that we complete the dreams she had for him. Sister you were my back bone, no matter how mad I made you, you were always right there being my Big Sister, my super women who never missed a beat when it came to saving the day. When I was sick, you sat by my side each and everyday and you refused to take no for an answer. You made sure I lived, and I’m forever grateful for all that you have done for me. I couldn’t ask for a better Big Sister. I thank God today for blessing myself, my children, and their children for the opportunity to have you as a major part of our lives. My world will never
be the same without you here with me. But I too will do everything in my power to make you proud. In a nutshell My Sister was the Love of Our Lives, The air that we breath,
The energy in our bodies. She meant the world to us and our world will never be the same until we meet again.

Family will receive friends Friday October 11, 2019 9:30am to Noon in the Calhoun-Mania Funeral Home, 19 Lincoln Ave., Rutherford NJ. A Prayer Service will begin at Noon followed by an Interment at E. Ridgelawn Cemetery.
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