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Obituary for Sydney Martin Allen

Revelation 21:4

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away."

“I’ll buy ice cream for whoever can memorize 10 precious promises from the Bible.” Br. Sydney Allen loved the Lord and the Scriptures, he wanted to share that love and knowledge with everyone, especially the youth of his church. Not a day would go by without him sitting with a book in his hand, be it the Bible, one of the Volumes, or a Dawn publication. He was very proud that his family was in the Bible Answers television series in which some episodes were recorded in his home and backyard. The Bible Answers series are still being played today.

Sydney would love to witness everyone he met. Even during his first stroke 2 years ago in the same rehab facility, he would witness the various therapists giving them tracks and Volumes to read. When his daughter Christiana went to rehab for training and to collect his belongings she saw a copy of the Volume and turned to the Occupational Therapist and said," I have to take dad's book with me". The Occupational Therapist stated: "no that's mine your dad gave it to me 2 years ago to read and I was reading it to him by his bedside. He even tried to hold the book with his left hand" she told Christiana. Sydney had made an impact on this therapist's life and it was a blessing for her to have it, she said. Sydney worked very hard to get better after his first stroke and became independent in walking, talking, swallowing, writing, dressing, and reading the Scriptures for hours every day.

Sydney Martin Allen was born to parents Ruth Allen and John Allen on January 18, 1928, in Worcester, Massachusetts. He was the eldest of three siblings. From a young age, Sydney worked hard to help support his family since his father suffered from shell-shock, having served in World War I. His mother was an ardent Bible Student and helped instill in him his love for the Lord. His mother Ruth Allen made Sydney read 10 pages a day of the Volumes of Pastor Russell until he married.

Fifty-Two years ago Sydney married Jutta Ulrich, the love of his life, on July 14, 1968, at the United Nations Church in New York City. They met through the Bible Students and knew each other for 7 years before they married. On their honeymoon in Florida, they went for a beach stroll and found a dirty, many-colored, long candle on a beach. Sydney jokingly said that they should keep it and light it once every year on their anniversary, and they did.

Sr. Jutta was an opera singer from Germany, Sydney was her biggest fan, often recording her many concerts. Every time Jutta would sing Carmen he was so proud to catch the rose from Jutta at the end of the song.

Their 50th Anniversary was celebrated with many friends and family who had attended their wedding. They also celebrated 50 beautiful years on a cruise to the Caribbean with their daughter Christiana, her husband Tim, and their Grandchildren Kristian, Tyler, Kyle, Timmy, and Wendy (Tyler's soon to be fiance). Even though Sydney could walk we wanted him to use a wheelchair due to the long walks on the cruise ship to get from one place to another. Sydney even managed to climb 49 stairs to the top of the entrance to the Hato Caves in Curacao.

Sydney worked as a lithographer at G.S. Lithography and did the colors for many magazine covers, such as Sports Illustrated, Vogue, and Time. He would often come home with blank shiny magazine paper for his daughters to draw on. After retiring from G.S. Lithographers in 1990, he moved to Lubeck, Germany with Jutta. They would return every year in the springtime to visit their daughter Christiana, Tim, and his grandchildren. He enjoyed his 5:30 am first swim of the day with Jutta and always said the pool was the best investment he ever made. They lived there for a little over 25 years before returning to Rutherford, N.J. to live with their daughter Christiana, Tim, and the Children.

Sydney instilled the love of the Lord in his children. When his daughter Christiana gave herself to the Lord on the July 31st, 1984 General Convention Sydney Baptized Christiana. The Hymn that was played as Christiana was raised was #215 vs 4. May the Lord watch over you and bless you in your walk with him.

Sydney also did the marriage ceremony for Christiana to her husband Timothy, which she felt honored and blessed by.

He had two daughters, Christiana Allen Hunt and Lilia Murray, both of whom he lovingly called “pumpkin.” Saturday mornings often took Sydney to the United Nations School with his daughters, where they all learned German. Afterward, he would take the family horseback riding or skiing. Once in Germany, he and Jutta discovered rowing and became long-time members of the Lubeck Rowing Club. He developed a love of carving beautiful scriptures out of soapstone with a group of people who were friends in Germany who called themselves the Speckstein group.

For many years, Sydney was a deacon then became an elder in his church, The New York Bible Student Association. He enjoyed studying with Br. Frye, while attending

and speaking at various weekly Bible studies along with many conventions, nationally and internationally, where he could fellowship with the brethren. He was a devoted Christian who tried to live a consecrated life. He loved having a big bowl of vanilla ice cream at night. He also liked sneaking spoonfuls of peanut butter or having a Pina Colada on special occasions. A day never went by without him gargling with Listerine. If you gave him a backrub or scratched his back he would say, "I will give you a dime if you do that all day long!" He loved sharing jokes and poems he had memorized over the years. And he loved watching old war movies and mystery who-done-its. However, he most enjoyed reading and studying the Lord’s Word. His favorite hymn was #208 “Thy Grace Impart.”

After suffering a major stroke on January 1, 2021, he had two weeks of declining health. Sydney was completely paralyzed on his right side, blind in his right eye, and had a partial vision in his left eye. He lost his speech but his mind was clear. When it became apparent that Sydney couldn't handle rehab his daughter Christiana, Lilia, and wife Jutta, and Grandchildren were able to Facetime him in rehab. When Christiana asked if he wanted to give up trying to get better and come home he verbally said "home." His wife Jutta asked if he wanted to be home with the Lord and he said," home, home, home". The family tried rehab to see if he could get a little better, unfortunately, even though his mind was willing the body was too weak.

Unfortunately, about 3 hours later Christiana got a call from the doctor saying that Sydney's breathing was extremely labored and that he would need to go to a hospital for intubation because his end was coming that night.

Christiana and Jutta knew that Sydney wanted to be with his heavenly Father and not hooked up to machines. Christiana asked if there was any way that her mom and she could just come and say goodbye since they both were tested negative for covid. The doctor said it was against protocol but would ask his boss. The Lord overruled and only they were allowed to see him. Christiana took her son’s I-phone so that Family and friends could call Sydney and say goodbye. Sydney was still aware at this time but was having extreme difficulty in breathing. The Lord blessed Sydney with his loving care and Sydney lived through the night. His daughter Christiana quickly brought Sydney home on Hospice to be comforted by family, friends, and his dogs.

Christiana breeds Mini and Micro Mini Bernedoodles which are therapy/comfort dogs for children and adults with disabilities, the elderly, and the military with PTSD. Sydney would open his eyes and smile and pet the dogs that sat next to him on his bedside. The dogs would kiss him and lick his hand. All the dogs would sit in front of the gate put up in front of Sydney's bed and keep watch over him. Some would jump the fence just to be near him or lay with him in bed. This brought Sydney comfort, peace, and happiness that was wonderful to see.

Alice Passios was a great blessing for the family and to Sydney. She came several times every day Sydney was home helping Christiana with the turning, positioning, suctioning, and many more medical applications that are too numerous to list. Christiana and the family are so grateful. Alice and George Passios also comforted them especially when things got especially hard for Christiana to bear.

Sydney needed 24/7 care and Christiana would lay in a recliner all night next to her dad, hold his hand, recite the promises to him and sing hymns while trying to do whatever she could medically to keep him comfortable. Sr. Jutta would sing his favorite hymns, as soon as he heard her voice he would open his eyes, look at her, and smile.

On Friday, January 15th the family celebrated Sydney's 93rd birthday. Which was to be January 18. Sydney had not regained consciousness after 5:30 am that morning. Jutta, Christiana, and Tim, grandchildren Tyler Allen with Wendy, Timothy, and Kyle, His daughter Lilia and grandson Tristan were able to be there via. FaceTime, as well as Grandson Kristian, Br. George and Alice, Br. Alex and Eva Loutsky were there also to gather around Br. Sydney one last time to celebrate his life, singing hymns reciting scripture, and say Good-By. Saturday, January 16, 5:15 PM Br. Sydney died peacefully with his family by his side.

In addition to his wife, Jutta, Sydney is survived by his daughters Christiana Allen-Hunt and Lilia Murray, his grandchildren Kristian Allen, Tyler Allen, Kyle Hunt, Timmy Hunt, and Tristan Murray, a great-grandson, Jackson, and his brother, Br. Larry Allen. (Conn)

He is also survived by his nephews Ulli Abraham, Lutz Abraham, Mark Allen, David Allen, and David Suraci; his nieces Jutta Abraham and Linda Daniels, He was predeceased by his sister, Jackie Suraci. We have uploaded some fond memories of Sydney both as a young man and later toward the end of his course. We would be grateful if you would like to download any pictures you may have of Sydney and add it to your messages for us to view

Br Sydney’s great desire was expressed in these words from Hymn 208

4 Renouncing ev’ry worldly thing,

And safe beneath thy sheltering wing,

My sweetest thought henceforth shall be,

That all I want I find in thee.

“Be thou faithful unto death and I will give you a crown life”

Srs. Jutta, Christiana, and Lilia

877 Darcy Jo Lane
Fruita, CO 81521-8729

Larry and Henrietta Allen, family
104 Stevens Street
East Haven, Ct 06512

Jutta Allen—Christiana Hunt
112 Mountain Way
Rutherford, N J 07070

Private Cremation.

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